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What we look for

Kendall Develops was born in 2005 with €100 million of capital with the goal of investing in public companies operating in the toll-road concession market in Europe and South America. After a first investment cycle that resulted in major shareholder positions in Brisa and OHL Brasil, Kendall decided to diversify into a broader range of infrastructure projects.


  • Sectors: Kendall invests in transport, energy and telecoms infrastructure projects, including roads, ports, railways, logistics platforms, car parks, wind parks, solar parks, pipelines, communications towers, etc.

  • Investment size: Kendall invests between €2 and €5 million per project

  • Geography: Kendall invests primarily in Iberia and Brasil, but can also invest in other geographies

  • Type of investment: Kendall typically takes minority positions alongside other investors with similar incentives and investment policies.

  • Holding period: Kendall intends to hold its investment for an average period of 5 years

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